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    •  The commercial exploitation of rights is the process of generating

         revenues from the rights you hold and/or have created.


    •  Often a specialist such as a sales agent is required to assist to  

        develop potential revenue streams.


    •  Selecting the right sales agent and clarifying how your relationship  

        with them works is vital.


    •  A sales agent will require authority to exploit certain rights (usually

         in the form of a licence) which will define the rights the sales agent

         has, the territory it can operate within, the fees and commissions

         it can charge together with other terms and conditions.


    • Control: If you transfer rights to a third party how much control  

         will you keep over the creative work?          


    • Which Rights to Transfer should be agreed and clearly set out in the  

         licence agreement.


   •  A third party may have a particular specialisation and should only be

        given rights appertaining to that specialisation.


  • These issues can be complicated and with technology evolving so

       rapidly are not static, so it is sensible to obtain advice early and

       optimise opportunities.




      Optimise the exploitation of  

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